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Ryan Braun: California Law: Under the Influence And/Or Possession Charges

These days stars cannot get away with their crimes as easily as they used to. Every where you look you see a new starlet or athlete or CEO being brought up on charges. The most recent addition this illustrious list is Milwaukee Bruins MVP player Ryan Braun. Were a California prosecutor to file drug charges against Ryan Braun the list would certainly rival that of the more notable jail birds.

Firstly, as most everyone knows, in order for anyone to be brought up on drug charges, whether it be under the influence or possession, the substance has to be considered a controlled substance according to the California Health and Safety Code Section 11056. Most everyone also knows that steroids, in all of its variations, are considered a controlled substance according to this law.

Ok, now that we are all up to speed, here is the list of charges Ryan Braun could be charged with.

He would be charged with a violation of 11550, which is a charge of being under the influence of a controlled substance listed in section 11056. This charge alone could land him a stint of at least 90 days in the county clink, but usually the court will put people on probation.

However, he would also be charged with an 11350 which is possession of a controlled substance listed in section 11056. However, if he was found to have enough "juice" on his person that it exceeds a certain weight, then it is a charge of violation of 11351 which is possession in purposes of sale. So depending upon the weight and/or amount the sentence is heavier. For an 11350, the sentence is one (1) year in prison PLUS a fine of $1,000.00 or community service. For an 11351 charge, the prison term can be as much as four (4) years.

Now, seeing as how Mr. Braun is or was traveling around the United States with his team that adds a charge with an 11352, which is transportation of an illegal substance and that can be punished with a prison sentence of up to five (5) years.

These are no slaps on the wrist, this is significant jail time. So, the only other thing that Mr. Braun, or anyone facing these types of charges, needs to know is…..

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