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Driver’s License Suspension

Driver's License Suspension in Rancho Cucamonga

San Bernardino DUI Lawyer

When a DUI occurs, an officer will issue an order of suspension and a temporary license, and from this date forward, you have ten days to contact the DMV to request a DMV hearing. There are many things that impact a driver's license suspension and how long a license is suspended for. For a first time DUI conviction, your license can be suspended for six months and you will have to complete a DUI program to have it reinstated. If you are over 21 and can prove yourself financially responsible, the DMV will usually issue you a restricted driver's license. Searching for a lawyer for a driver's license suspension case in San Bernardino? A Rancho Cucamonga DUI defense attorney from our firm can help you protect your license from being suspended.

Other situations that impact how long a license is suspended for include whether or not you took the chemical tests, whether or not it is your first DUI offense, and whether or not there is a legal basis for your license's suspension/revocation. For instance, multiple DUI can result in a two year suspension of your license or a revocation of up to four years. All that a prosecutor has to prove in order to convict you of a California Vehicle Code 14061, 14061.1, 14061.2, or 14601.5 violation is whether you drove on a suspended license and whether you knew your license was suspended. You can plead lack of knowledge or can attempt a "plea bargain" in order to receive a case dismissal.

Further Penalties for Driving on a Suspended License

Need a lawyer for a driver's license suspension case in San Bernardino? California driving law however assumes that either the California DMV mailed you a 1st class notice regarding your driver's license suspension, a police officer told you about the suspension, or a judge informed you of the suspension. Driving on a suspended license in California can produce some harsh consequences: you are charged with a misdemeanor crime, and are subject to time in county jail and possible fines. California Vehicle Code 14601.2(a), Code 14601.3(a), and Code 14601.5(a) deal with driving on a suspended license while 14601.1(a) deals with driving on a revoked CDL (see CDL DUI).

There are many rules, limitations, and methods to getting your license back once it is revoked. It is therefore important that an individual contact a Rancho Cucamonga DUI attorney immediately.

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