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  • A definite must!
    I am so thankful to Kirk Tarman for the outcome we had for our case. Unfortunately as a family we found ourselves with an attempted murder charge. Kirk, Evan and Sabrina gave 110% to our case. The office was always able to answer our questions and fight hard in court. The outcome was so much more favorable that what it could have been. We were looking at 12 years to life and because of Kirk?s staff and his diligence we were given a year with time for good behavior. That was just amazing! I really appreciated how helpful Sabrina (paralegal) was. Sometimes you may feel like you?re asking too many questions. Sabrina always made us feel comfortable with asking and gave amazing facts to help our case. Kirk always responded back quickly and kept us in the loop. I highly recommend this law office for all your needs.

    - Anonymous

  • Excellent and Professional
    An excellent and professional consultation followed by a successful win of my case

    - Dan P.

  • My family and I would recommend Kirk Tarman and his firm
    I have had several attorneys since 2012 from San Bernardino county represent me on a serious felony charge l got when I was eighteen. I wish I could have had Mr. Tarman from the beginning. He represented me in June on my fourth violation of probation. Even though he did not necessarily defend me on the case he did represent me in court and got me what I believed the best possible out come. He made sure that I had everything possible prior to my court date to convince the judge to give me the least amount of consequences. He prepared a excellent and thorough character report and plan for me after my release from jail. He saw me three times while I was in custody for a month, which is a lot compared to other attorneys I've had and also compared to other people in jail. Kirk and his team was in constant contact with my family keeping them up to date and answering any questions they had. Unlike some lawyers, Kirk is easy to contact and if he is unavailable, his partner at the law firm helps however he can. What made Mr. Tarman stand out from other attorneys I've had in the past was his willingness to fight for me by approaching the judge while court was in and out of session. There was three times where he talked to the judge then came and talked to me and then went back to negotiate a better deal. That's a lot even for a private attorney. A public defender would not even go back once to ask for a different deal with the judge or D.A. You basically "get what you get" with a public defender. At the beginning of my court date the judge initially wanted to send me to state prison for three years, after Kirk negotiated with the judge I was able to get re instated on probation and be released that day with 30 days of work release. 3 months later Kirk is filling the paperwork for me to get a early termination off felony probation(with the help of my probation officer of course) and also filling for my felony to be expunged. Me and my family feel very confident in this law firm and Mr. Tarman. All his fees are very reasonable and have even been cheaper then other law firms. Not to mention the quality of his services is significantly higher. My family and I would recommend Kirk Tarman and his firm if you need a criminal defense lawyer especially in San Bernardino county where Kirk has worked with and is known by the judges and distract attorneys. In my opinion this is a HUGE advantage. Do not go with the public defender and just be another case number on there desk because you will get screwed and not be able to do anything. Thanks Kirk!

    - Kevin G

  • They are professional and make themselves available.
    After a really bad experience with another lawyer with a similar case that is still ongoing where I haven't seen any progress for over a year I was weary of hiring another lawyer and experiencing something similar. A month after hiring The Law Offices of Kirk Tarman & Associates I got a positive result on a case that other lawyers I called said would most likely be futile in even trying and for a cheaper price too. I didn't even have to personally go to court . I would definitely recommend them for any legal problems you would have. They are professional, make themselves available, and thankfully gave me a much better experience with lawyers than I have been accustomed to.

    - Sonny W.

  • They continued to fight for me
    I had a difficult case that I was trying to fight from outside the state it was turned down twice. Once by the DA, and the second time by the judge, they continued to fight for me, and got the results I was looking for. They really do care about their clients and will not stop fighting till they get you the results you want.

    - Adrian A.

  • This law office knows what to do when it comes to DUI
    I was charged with a DUI Nov. 2014. Called the office and hired them right out of the gate. My job and family was depending on them and both did not disappoint. They were able to get the charges dropped from two counts of DUI to a single count of public intoxication. I got my CDL back and was able to get my job back. This law office knows what to do when it comes to DUI. My family is thankful for the hard work they put in and so am I.

    - Ted Y.

  • I would recommend them any day.
    I couldn't be happier with the service we received from this law office. From the very beginning I could tell that these lawyers knew a lot about DUI cases and throughout our court days they went above and beyond to make sure we were prepared for whatever might come our way. They definitely prepare you for the worst but get you the best. They covered every single base and we got an amazing outcome. I would recommend them any day.

    - Previous Client

  • They answered my concerns
    I want to thank Kirk and the entire staff. They recalled my warrant and got my case dismissed in no time. They answered my concerns and took me step by step in the process. I didn't even have to appear in court. They represented me and took care of my case all the way. Thank you!!!

    - Suriel A.

  • Excellent Job
    I would like to thank Mr. Tarman & Associates for helping me to get a good result for my case. They are very reliable people that kept things very professional. I recommend them strongly, they will help you tremendously. I was very lucky that I had the opportunity to work with such highly skilled people. You won't regret hiring them, thanks again.

    - Bachir

  • Excellent
    I had the pleasure of working with Kirk, and his office regarding my DUI case. I was originally charged with 2 felony counts ( vehicle codes 23153A & 23153B). Kirk's office was very professional and was able to negotiate with the District Attorney get my conviction reduced to a 1 count misdemeanor. Throughout the whole ordeal of two court dates, he and staff was available for any of my questions and concerns.

    - Tobias

  • There was never a time when I thought they weren't going to be there when we needed them.
    Everyone in the office was helpful and professional. There was never a time when I thought they weren't going to be there when we needed them. Their reputation and professionalism was the primary factor for using this law firm. Boy, were we impressed with all of the work they put into our case. Thank you to everyone in the office for always making us feel like we were your only clients!

    - Neckole S.

  • Best of the Best
    Thank you Kirk. You guys are top notch. Kept me informed on everything that was going on with my case and I didn't have to show up in court once. Got my case dismissed, now I can move on. I would recommend this law firm to anyone that wants a fair shake.

    - James

  • Best Law Firm Around
    I had the extreme good fortune of retaining the services of The Law Offices of Kirk Tarman & Associates. My situation was two cases. One was 18 years old it was a speeding ticket that was never resolved and had a warrant for my arrest $1700 dollars on it. The other was a DUI that was 11 years old which I did not finish the classes on and my probation had been revoked. I explained the situation to Kirk and they Guaranteed me they could get the cases dismissed and likely shorten my DUI classes. I quickly retained their services. The flat fee was both affordable and well worth every penny. I could have been facing jail time on these two cases. Well, long-story short, Kirk was able to get both cases dismissed as they promised as well as get all fines and penalties dismissed and no classes needed at all. The matters were resolved. And I couldn't be happier. I am a free man without worry. Thanks again, Kirk.

    - Larry

  • Exceptional Attorney
    The Law Offices of Kirk Tarman & Associates are a professional law firm, committed to providing exceptional customer service while fighting vigorously for the best possible results for their clients! Attorney Kirk Tarman has a proven track record of success, time after time. His team is knowledgeable, friendly and always available to assist their clients. There is a reason why Attorney Kirk Tarman is so well known and respected throughout Southern California.

    - Previous Client

  • Excellent attorneys!
    I found myself facing a DUI and scared to death. From the very start of the initial consultation, Attorney Kirk Tarman put me at ease. They handled my DMV Hearing and the court proceeding and truly fought for me. They were always attentive to my phone calls and emails, keeping me informed. They were able to get me a reduced charged so that I do not have a DUI on my record. I am so thankful to have retained them for my case.

    - Blaine

    Rialto, CA
  • Attorney Kirk Tarman did an amazing job and upheld the highest level of professionalism throughout my entire experience.
    I am truly thankful for the representation provided to me by the Law Office of Kirk Tarman & Associates. When I was facing a DUI and scared to death, they took control and handled the whole thing for me. They were even able to get me a positive result so that I did not end up with a DUI on my record. Attorney Kirk Tarman did an amazing job and upheld the highest level of professionalism throughout my entire experience. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a criminal defense attorney.

    - Blaine S.

  • They took full control of what was best for me.
    I have epilepsy on March I had a seizure and had my drivers license suspended. The Law Offices of Kirk Tarman & Associates were excited to take on my case as it was unusual and new. I felt very comfortable when I was discussing my options and case with them, as they took full control of what was best for me. I won my case and driving privilege have been reestablished.

    - Brian D.

  • I couldn't have made a better choice.
    I highly recommend The Law Offices of Kirk Tarman & Associates if you need representation in a criminal matter! I hired them to represent me in a DUI and I couldn't have made a better choice. I had never faced criminal charges before so the entire situation was nothing less than frightful for me. Mr. Tarman removed all of the stress and worry that I was experiencing and put my mind at ease so I could go on about my everyday life without falling apart. They negotiated a great result in my case too! You should definitely hire The Law Offices of Kirk Tarman & Associates if you are facing a criminal case.

    - Paulina S.

  • Great representation
    I retained the Law Offices of Kirk Tarman & Associates to represent me when I got a DUI. Not only did the attorneys and staff give me peace of mind, but they kept me informed and were able to negotiate a great resolution in my case. They also handled the DMV Hearing for me and helped me protect my driver's license. The level of professionalism, attentiveness, and helpfulness that the attorneys exhibited was outstanding. I would definitely recommend them for anyone who needs legal representation.

    - Paulina

  • Excellent DUI attorney!
    Mr. Tarman was outstanding in representing me and my case...a second DUI is a serious offense and I was worried and scared but Kirk took an enormous amount of stress off my back...his background and experience gave me the utmost confidence that he would take care of me...and he delivered...he was able to get me a sentencing that allowed me to keep my job and continue working.

    - Previous Client