Indications of Drunk Driving

Indications of Drunk Driving

If you have been pulled over on a suspicion of a DUI in Rancho Cucamonga, the police officer will start to look for other indicators (known as "objective symptoms") to substantiate an actual arrest. You will need to hire a Rancho Cucamonga DUI attorney as soon as possible in order to defend you against the DUI charges and ensure a fair defense for any upcoming court battle.

Some objective symptoms that an officer may look for in a DUI arrest include the following:

Red or Watery Eyes

Although red or watery eyes CAN result from the consumption of alcoholic beverages, alcohol is not the only culprit. There are various issues that can cause symptoms like glassy eyes. Some include the common cold, a variety of eye diseases, and/or dry eyes. Therefore, it is almost impossible to link red or watery eyes solely to alcohol consumption because even a completely sober person can have such symptoms.

Odor of alcohol

Another objective symptom that an arresting officer will look for in determining the validity of a DUI arrest is the smell of alcohol on a driver's breath. However, a good Rancho Cucamonga DUI attorney can also refute this as sufficient evidence to substantiate a DUI arrest.

Having an alcoholic odor on one's breath does not necessarily mean the driver is under the influence and cannot legally drive according to the law. Tests have shown that officers cannot distinguish between a person whose alcoholic breath yields a low blood alcohol content (BAC) versus a similar alcoholic breath on an individual whose BAC is well above .08% and should be arrested for a DUI.

Even if you believe neither one of the factors above can be attributed to you or your behavior at the time of your DUI arrest, you may be surprised at what appears in a police report. For this and many other reasons, it is strongly advised that you hire a lawyer to help defend you against your DUI charges.

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