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DUI: Requesting the Right Information

In order to successfully defend a drunk driving case, DUI Rancho Cucamonga lawyers need to gather specific information to build a rock-solid defense. However, smart lawyers do not simply go fishing for information, as this can jeopardize the outcome of the case.

Knowing the Information Needed to Defend the Case

Before DUI Rancho Cucamonga lawyers request information from their clients with regard to a drunk driving arrest, they will first do some preliminary investigation to determine exactly what pieces of information are needed to build a strong defense.

For instance, in a DUI case where the defendant submitted to a breathalyzer test, a lawyer will generally only request information regarding:

  • The breath machine manufacturer's manual
  • The lab's process of breath alcohol testing
  • The lab's license
  • The arresting officer's history of training with regards to the apparatus used for breath alcohol testing
  • Standardized test methods of the apparatus used for the breath test
  • Logs of breath tests

Risks of Fishing for Information

There are two major reasons why it is imperative for your lawyer to do some preliminary investigation prior to asking for information. One, asking for random information will raise a red flag to the prosecuting attorney. And two, it will result in the prosecutor obtaining the same information, especially if a formal discovery process has already been initiated.

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