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Example Questions to the Jury: Alcohol Use

When it comes to selecting jury members for your DUI case, your Rancho Cucamonga DUI attorney will look for jurors with certain traits or attitudes, and try to exclude certain other traits and beliefs that would indicate an inherent bias against you, such as negative feelings about alcohol and those who drink heavily. Your Rancho Cucamonga DUI attorney might try to elicit these opinions during jury selections with questions like:

"Do you keep alcohol in your home?"

"Could you elaborate a little, what kind of alcohol, how much, where do you keep it?"

This answer will be very revealing about the juror's views regarding alcohol. Someone who keeps a little wine in the fridge is very different from someone who maintains a fully stocked bar at home.

"When did you last have someone over to your house and serve alcohol to them?"

"After dinner was over, did you have any problem with letting your friends drive home?"

"Have you ever consumed alcohol and driven shortly thereafter?"

"Do you think you were able to drive safely that time?"

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A good Rancho Cucamonga DUI attorney will be able to concoct other questions that will help bring out the jury pool's opinions about alcohol. Another line of questions might ask married jurors if they served alcohol at their wedding.

Drinking or not drinking should not automatically disqualify a person from serving in a drunk driving trial, but certain attitudes might, and an experienced attorney will try to get at those attitudes.

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